The recording studio at Firehouse 12 is centered around a classic large format automated analog console, the API Legacy Plus, with a Studer A827 2" analog tape recorder (24- and 16-track head assemblies), a fully loaded ProTools HDX recording system with PrismSound Dream ADA-8XRconverters, and an ATR Services ATR 102 1/2" mixdown deck.

The recording rooms at Firehouse 12 are designed by John Storyk and local architects Gray Organschi Architecture. The Live Room is 1,200 square feet with a 15 ft. wood ceiling and bamboo floors. There are three isolation booths radiating off of the main space, with clear, open sightlines between all the recording spaces.

Firehouse 12 also features a 9' Steinway Hamburg Model 'D' concert grand piano, mint Hammond A-100, B-3 & Leslie 145, a Wurlitzer 200A, a Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73, a Moog Voyager, a Gretsch USA Maple drumkit and more. 

Please explore the equipment page for a list of what we have available.
Contact the studio manager for more details about Firehouse 12 Studios at studio@firehouse12.com