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We are proud to announce that the recording studio here at Firehouse 12 has been nominated for a prestigious Technical Excellence and Creativity Award for Best Studio Design 2006.

The recording studio at Firehouse 12 is centered around a classic large format automated analog console, the API Legacy Plus, with a Studer A827 2" analog tape recorder (24- and 16-track head assemblies), and a fully loaded ProTools HD|3 Accel recording system with PrismSound converters. We are pleased to announce we also recently acquired an ATR Services ATR 102 1/2" mixdown deck. Other new pieces of gear include Pendulum 6386 and Retro Sta-Level among others.

The recording rooms at Firehouse 12 are designed by John Storyk and local architects Gray Organschi Architecture. The Live Room is 1,200 square feet with a 15 ft. wood ceiling and bamboo floors. There are three isolation booths radiating off of the main space, with clear, open sightlines between all the recording spaces.

Firehouse 12 also features a 9' Steinway Model 'D' concert grand piano built in 1964 (with a new action), a mint Hammond A-100 & Leslie 145, a Wurlitzer 200A, a Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73, a Moog Voyager, a Gretsch USA Maple drumkit and more.

Please explore the equipment and recording rooms links for more detailed info and photos!

Feel free to contact the studio manager for more details about Firehouse 12 Studios at or 203-785-0468. You can also contact us by using the Google Voice call widget below. Enter your number and you will be directly connected to the studio manager's extension.

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