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Chris Speed

clarinet, tenor sax

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Chris Speed (reeds) has played with many bands including Bloodcount, Pachora, Human Feel, yeah NO, and the Claudia quintet. He lives in Windsor Terrace.

Born in Seattle, Chris Speed began playing music at age five on the piano, adding the clarinet and orchestra rehearsals at age eleven, and started concentrating on jazz, improvisation and the tenor sax in high school. In 1987 he moved to Boston where he studied at the New England Conservatory and co-formed the band Human Feel. A resident of Brooklyn since 1992, Chris made his initial contribution to New York City music as a member of Tim Berne's Bloodcount, and has since contributed extensively to the downtown music world. Besides Yeah NO, Chris plays in Pachora, a Balkan Rom influenced band with four recordings (Astereotypical, Ast, Unn and Pachora), and also in Trio Iffy, along with keyboardist Jamie Saft (who also appears on Swell Henry) and drummer Ben Perowsky.

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