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Agustí Fernŕndez


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Agustí Fernŕndez is one of the most important explorers of avant garde music in Spain. Agustí combines thorough knowledge of the 20th century modern classical piano with jazz free improvisation to a unique and powerful style. Agustí considers himself as a self trained musician, though he studied in Palma de Mallorca’s Conservatory and extended his formation at the Darmstadt Summer Courses and with Iannis Xenakis or Carles Santos, among others, and he has recognized very often that in his music there are influences from Cecil Taylor in jazz and Iannis Xenakis in contemporary music. Two influences that helps him to developed in a unique style full of a pasion for explore new musical lenguages.

In 1985 he released his first recording, “Ardent”, a solo piano, who marks the start of his career as a free improviser, where his has became in a knowledge master. In fact, in mid 90’s he was director of the Orquestra del Caos (Barcelona) and founder member with Joan Saura and Liba Villavecchia of IBA (Improvisers of Barcelona Association) -collective of improvising musicians and dancers. He has been director of IBA until 2001.

His continuous collaborations with international free improvisers becomes fundamental for his maturity and progressions, as well as for a later recognition inside this scene. Among many others, Agustí has played with Tom Cora, Peter Kowlad, Carlos Zingaro o Marilyn Crispell.

Nowadays, in adition to his solo work, Agustí is maintaining several stable projects: Trío Local (with Joan Saura, sampler and Liba Villavecchia, saxophones); a duo with german violinist Christoph Irmer and a permanent collaboration with spanish Butoh dancer Andrés Corchero. He is member for the Butch Morris work in progress “Folding Spaces”. In the summer of 2000 he received the “Altaveu 2000” award (Spain).

From 2001, he teaches Improvisation at the ESMUC (Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya), becoming the first teacher of this subject in any official school or conservatory in Spain. (Silvia Grijalba)

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Agustí Fernández / Joe Morris Friday, October 29, 2010, 10:00p

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