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Josephine Foster

acoustic guitar, compositions, piano, voice

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Josephine Foster is an American modern folk singer-songwriter and musician from Colorado. As an adolescent she worked as a funeral and wedding singer, and aspired to become an opera singer. Several years later she abandoned the idea and began to record demos of her songs, resulting in the early recordings There are Eyes Above (2000), an album of ukulele accompanied songs strongly influenced by Tin Pan Alley, and a short album of children\'s songs, Little Life (2001). For several years she worked as a singing teacher in Chicago, recording and performing with a variety of musical acts on the side including Born Heller, a duo with free jazz-bassist Jason Ajemian, and The Childrens Hour a pop band formed with songwriter Andrew Bar. In 2004 joined by her occasional backing band The Supposed (Brian Goodman on guitar and Rusty Peterson on drums) she released an album of psychedelic rock called 'All the Leaves Are Gone' which has drawn comparison to Patti Smith and Jefferson Airplane.

The songs on her first solo studio album 'Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You' (2005) evoke early American folk and blues forms of the early 20th century. 'A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing' released in 2006, features unorthodox interpretations of 19th century German art-songs. Her third solo album 'This Coming Gladness' was released in 2008.

Josephine has recorded for a number of labels both in the US & UK.
2008 - This Coming Gladness (Bo' Weavil Recordings)
2006 - A Wolf in Sheep Clothing (Locust Music)
2005 - Hazel Eyes, I will lead you (Locust Music)
2004 - All the Leaves are Gone (Locust Music)
2004 - Born Heller (Locust Music Bo' Weavil Recordings 2007)

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Josephine Foster w/ Kath Bloom & Rachel Mason Thursday, April 8, 2010, 8:30p

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