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DJ Olive


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DJ Olive was raised in Boston, Nova Scotia, Trinidad, Rhode Island and Australia. He was an active member of the infamous Brooklyn Williamsburg scene('90-'93). In '91 he co-founded Lalalandia Entertainment Research Corporation. Lalalandia made many of the most memorable Brooklyn warehouse after- hours environments of that period.

In 1994, he started up Multipolyomni and We. We's '97 release "as is" can be considered a classic. We opened for the Orb that spring. Their 3rd release, "decentertainment" landed them at Barcelona's Sonar '99. Multipolyomni's '97 New York production of the Solar Drama from their opera Quark Soup, projected a massive live view of the sun perpetually rising for 24 hours, broadcast LIVE from 127 consecutive locations as the world turned around once. It hosted 77 live performers and artists on two floors... ffffew(i think thats the Guinness book record And The Early Aquatic Episode, '96 at the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, also from Quark Soup, was hailed by the New York Times art critic Roberta Smith as "the only work in scale with the Anchorage".

In 1995 he began to enjoy improvising with musicians. Here's a sample of some of the folks he's played with (click here.)

In 1999, he and Toshio Kajiwara founded Phonomena Audio Arts & Multiples (, a weekly event as well as a record label. also In '99, he and James Healy started the Agriculture.

In 2003, after many years of collaborating with musicians, live and on recordings, Olive finally released his debut solo CD, "Bodega," an ass shaking continuous mix tape of rough down home dance party beats.

In 2004, Room40, from Brisbane put out his "Buoy" composition. A 60-min voyage of beat-less warmth Olive call's "a sleeping pill".

He has also been included in many exhibitions including: Treble, Brooklyn Sculpture Center 2004, City Sonics 2004, Mons, Venice Biennale 2003, Whitney Biennial 2002, Bit Streams and Whitney 2001.

He continues to compose in his Brooklyn studio, Skin Tone Riddles when he's not playing somewhere like ?Tasmania.

Firehouse 12 Performances

Dave Douglas and Keystone Thursday, October 20, 2005, 10:30p

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