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Jason Roebke

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The diversity of Jason Roebke’s musical associations make him one of the most sought after bassists in Chicago. His playing is intensely physical, audacious, and sparse. He leads the electro-acoustic ensemble tigersmilk (Rob Mazurek, Dylan van der Schyff), co-leads the modular music and dance unit Art Union Humanscape (Ayako Kato, Tim Barnes, Michiyo Yagi), and the brutal post-drone trio overova (Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jason Adasiewicz). Roebke is also a member of various jazz bands:

[Jeb Bishop Trio, Fred Lonberg-Holm Valentine Trio, Klang, Keefe Jackson Quartet, Mike Reed's People, Places, and Things, Jorrit Dijkstra’s Flatlands Collective, Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore, Jason Adasiewicz's Rolldown, Arrive.]

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Tomeka Reid Quartet Friday, March 18, 2016, 10:00p
The Flatlands Collective Friday, December 5, 2008, 10:00p

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