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Kyoko Kitamura

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Vocalist Kyoko Kitamura was born in New York and raised partially in Tokyo. She studied piano at the Juilliard School of Music prep division with pianist Jane Carlson who was a premier Hindemith interpreter and who exposed Kitamura to contemporary composers at an early age. However, curious about the world, Kitamura chose to become a journalist, working out of Tokyo and Paris, and traveling around the world (including a stint as a Gulf War reporter). She came back to NY in 1997, worked for a while as a magazine writer, and, since 2001, slowly immersed herself in the music scene after a hiatus of close to 15 years.

Building upon the musicianship she had as a trained pianist, and adding to it her globe-trotting experiences, she developed a highly personal style of vocal improvisation which includes multi-lingual spoken words, electronics, as well as hints of different types of music she has heard in various countries. She quickly found work as a side-person vocalist, and honed her craft by performing and/or recording with bassist Reggie Workman, saxophonist Steve Coleman, Argentinean composer Laura Andel, vocalist Jay Clayton, and pianist Art Lande, among others. Her style has been described as "outrageous", "forward-looking", "fu*%ed up!", "nightmarish", "one of downtown's finest singers."

Most recently, she performed in Antwerp's deSingel Theater and in Amsterdam's Bimhuis with cornet player Taylor Ho Bynum's ensemble. In New York City, she frequently appears in downtown venues such as Roulette, the Downtown Music Gallery, the 55 Bar and the Stone. She co-leads the group ok|ok with Mike McGinnis on woodwind, and Khabu Doug Young on ukulele and guitar. ok|ok has a CD coming out in September 2008 from RKM Music.

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