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Timo Shanko

Shanko is known for his genius upright bass playing, as well as his chops on tenor saxophone.

Timo Shanko currently lives and works in Boston, MA. His musical carreer began at age 7 when he began electric bass studies, learning rock, blues, and soul songs. He began to play in bands with older musicians starting at age 14.

Timo discovered Jazz and quickly became a “Jaco Clone”. He attended Berklee College of Music, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1989 where he discovered modern classical music and Avant Guard Jazz.

Timo founded the Fully Celebrated Orchestra (FCO) with Alto Saxophonist Jim Hobbs and toured extensively with Eddie Kirkland as Band Director from 1990-1994. He then founded the Prodigal Suns (1993-1995) and signed a major label deal with Geffen Records.

Later, he moved back to Boston to further develop FCO, his original group, and expand his acoustic Bass and Tenor Saxophone skills.

Timo Shanko has had more than 50 recording appearances, numerous mentions in media, has published several books, and won numerous awards for his music.

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