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Natalie Riccio

piano, vocals

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Natalie Riccio is a vocalist, pianist, lyricist and composer. Her music stretches across the genres of Jazz, Soul, Folk and Cabaret. A dynamic live performer, Natalie began playing music professionally while still in her teens.

Her compositions and vocal stylings have been called "introverted and dark" as well as "laughingly satirical". Her lyrics unpretentiously reflect universal inner truths and are filled with precious imagery.

Natalie began playing piano at age 4, singing and performing professionally as a teen but she did not pick up a pen to write music until she was 20 years old. After a brief stint at Berklee College of Music, she began playing gigs in bars and clubs around the Boston area eventually moving to New York City in 2001, where she has come and gone from ever since.

In Natalie's own words:
An excerpt from a 2009 Interview with Type 3 Media

"Playing in bars when you are still a teenager, just a kid really, and appearing and sounding much older, is a strange and wonderful way to grow up musically. I observed the pain and discontent of men and women and I was pretty quick to understand their needs, musically speaking. I exuded every emotion they needed. Whether it be laughter and joy or deep sorrow. I was their canvas. Whether or not they knew it. Whether or not I knew it at the time. And so it goes. That is the dynamic between performer and audience. I didn't learn this on a big fancy stage. I learned this sitting behind a piano in a hotel bar by the Fenway."

Natalie's mission to this day remains the same: to provide a transcendent musical experience for her audience; to help others navigate the trials and tribulations of being human, while providing the sweetest of music for the soul.

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Natalie Riccio Saturday, March 2, 2013, 8:00p

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