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Tina Colón


Tina Colón has been a local in New Haven, CT for over seven years. She has performed in various bands, singing groups, and shows in that time-- from a cappella singing to gospel choirs to churches to "Souled Out II" (2010). Her first solo album debuted in 2009 and has sold out twice. She has performed all over the Northeast, from Washington, D.C. to NYC to Southington, CT; also in both Florida and Puerto Rico, and locally, from The Space to local bars, house concerts, and churches. She was the lead singer and songwriter for the winning band in Yale’s Battle of the Bands 2009 (accompanied by current Pentatonix phenom, Kevin Olusola, from NBC's The Singoff). Tina is legendary at Yale for her incredible vocal abilities and compelling song lyrics. She has traveled widely, but some of her best songwriting has come from her work with immigrant gang-members in California, and from volunteering with homeless street youth in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Singing with a voice powerful enough to move crowds to tears-- or to their feet--, Tina sings about the depth and breadth of life, from faith and doubts to love and friendship, from the social injustices of the world to the hope she has for all of us.

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