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Dohee Lee


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Dohee Lee (Korean performance artist, percussionist, dancer, vocalist) received her degree from Korea Art University where she studied Korean dance and music as a Master Major. Since immigrating to the Bay Area, Ms. Lee has been a vital contributor to both the traditional and contemporary Asian American cultural arts landscape of the Bay Area and beyond. Some of the many accomplishments she has made in the past few years include being the resident artist and instructor of the Korean Youth Cultural Center, a community-based organization focused on Korean arts. She has performed in the Ethnic Dance Festival, the Dance Is Festival and the Asian American Dance Performance. Ms. Lee has also worked with several leaders of the Asian American creative arts scene, including dancer/choreographer Sue Li-Jue’s Facing East Dance & Music,saxophonist/composer Jeff Chan’s Turn of the Century, saxophonist Francis Wong, pianist Jon Jang and Chicago bassist Tatsu Aoki. She is a member of The Soundwave (fused jazz and Korean music group) and has collaborated with dance groups like Shinichi Iova Koga’s inkBoat. Ms. Lee has also completed commissions for Kronos Quartet (2009) and for Ethel Quartet (2011).

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Larry Ochs's Kihnoua Friday, March 23, 2012, 10:00p

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