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Carla Marciano

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Carla Marciano is an Italian musician and composer from Salerno. She plays alto and sopranino saxophones with great passion and instinctivity and is appreciated for the deep energy and the particularly articulated phrasing.
She started studying music at the age of eleven, first playing the piano and then the alto saxophone, and in 1991 she took her diploma in clarinet at the School of Music of Salerno.
In 1994 she was chosen for the Two Year Programme of Professional Training and Qualification, directed by Bruno Tommaso and Ettore Fioravanti. She has played in the "Matera Concert Band",directed by E. Fioravanti, and in the permanent orchestra of the Otto Jazz Club in Naples. With these bands she has performed in some Italian jazz festivals.

"TRANE’S GROOVE” ( with Alessandro La Corte-piano, Aldo Vigorito and Dario Deidda-doublebass, Donato Cimaglia-drums) is the title of her first CD, released by DDQ (BlackSaint/SoulNote - IREC - Milano ) in 2003. Thanks to this project she wished to pay homage to the great John Coltrane with original compositions and standards exploring and re-examining his instrumental language with a particular attention to his modal period.

Her second CD "A STRANGE DAY" has been just released by BLACK SAINT (IREC - Milano), Giovanni and Flavio Bonandrini's prestigious, as well as historical Italian label.

Carla Marciano is among the few Italian artists, which record for this label and she has officially introduced the cd, in a preview, at the CLUSONE JAZZ FESTIVAL'05.

With the precious collaboration of Alessandro La Corte on piano, Aldo Vigorito on dublebass and Gaetano Fasano on drums, the project develops a personal discourse, mainly through original compositions. With a precise sketch at the bottom, the quartet proposes a passionate and instinctive music, sometimes impetuous and vehement and sometimes interrupted by spiritual atmospheres and moments of meditation and reflection. You can pass from the modal pieces, which are the right ground to express a liberty of phrasing that often pushes on to extreme harmonic solutions, to the soft and seductive ballads.

Carla Marciano has already attracted attention from some of the major jazz magazines and websites, such as: JAZZ IT, MUSICA JAZZ, JAZZ MAGAZINE, JAZZ TIMES (USA), CADENCE MAGAZINE, JAZZ REVIEW (England) JAZZ REVIEW (USA), SUONO, JAZZITALIA, ALL ABOUT JAZZ, ANIMA JAZZ, JAZZ MONTHLY (USA), MUSIC BOOM, NEROK, KATAWEB/MUSICA, VERO/ LA DISCUSSIONE, PIU’, ALTRI SUONI, FIDELIO (Hungary),THE JAZZ NATION, EUROCLUB DE JAZZ (France), SLAGWERKKRANT (Dutch Drummers' Magazine) (The Netherlands), etc. and her two CDs have received extremely positive reviews.

Moreover both CDs have been introduced in some national and international radio and TV satellite programmes among which: “Battiti”, “Radio Tre Suite Jazz” and "Fonorama" on RADIO 3 RAI, "Music Club" on RADIO 1 RAI, “Disco Volante” on RTSI- Radiotelevisione Svizzera, "Al Top Musica" on SAT 2000, “MusikMusik” on “CONTO TV, “Fusion Flavours” on SMOTH FM (UK), Jazz & Bossa Nova” (Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL), "Sisters" on KLCC 89.7 FM (Eugene, USA), "Rock Evolucion Radio Show" on RADIO UNIVERSIDAD de Baja California, "Jazz by Jazzbo" on WRTC - FM (Hartford, USA), "Jazz Adventures" on WPKN-FM ( Bridgeport, USA ), “Jazz Club” (Pune, INDIA), on WNUA (Chicago), su JAZZ RADIO ARDIA (Yogyacarta, INDONESIA), on WICN-FM (Worchester,USA), on AIGAIO FM e SUPER FM (GREECE)and others.

Carla Marciano 4tet has performed these music projects in numerous remarkable jazz festivals and clubs.

Marciano is in the seventh position (first among the women) in the referendum for "The Best Italian New Talent” of TOP JAZZ 2005 of MUSICA JAZZ magazine.

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Carla Marciano 4tet Friday, September 29, 2006, 10:00p

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