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Dear Prospective Firehouse 12 Performer,

Thank you for your interest in performing at Firehouse 12. Please consider that Firehouse 12 is one of the leading venues in the region devoted to experimental jazz. We are primarily interested in receiving submissions from artists devoted to original, contemporary music with an experimental edge. We encourage you to browse through the past performances to get a feel for the type of music we present.

Please note - you will need to be a registered user of to proceed with a concert submission. If you aren't yet registered, you can register here.

Please have the following materials ready to submit:

1. Three tracks from an audio recording, representing the project you would like to bring to Firehouse 12. These recordings need to be encoded as MP3 files.

2. Your contact information.

3. A short, narrative description of the project.

4. A lengthier project description, formatted as either a PDF file or a Microsoft Word document, including a list of prior venues played.

5. A high-resolution promotional photo - this photo should be at least 1500 x 1500 pixels.

You are welcome and encouraged to submit your materials at any point during the year. We make every effort to review materials in a timely manner. If we are interested in presenting your work, we will be in touch again via e-mail.

The musicians who perform and record here are at the core of our business, and we thank you again for your interest.

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