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Mary Halvorson Quintet
Bending Bridges Deluxe LP

Released : 3/26/2013
Catalog Number : FH12-04-08-016
1 disc
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DISC 168:36
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101 Sinks When She Rounds The Bend (No. 22)07:48
202 Hemorrhaging Smiles (No. 25)07:58
303 Forgotten Men In Silver (No. 24)08:03
404 Love In Eight Colors (No. 21)10:14
505 The Periphery Of Scandal (No. 23)07:50
606 That Old Sound (No. 27)04:49
707 Sea Cut Like Snow (No. 26)06:52
808 Deformed Weight Of Hands (No. 28)07:09
909 All The Clocks (No. 29)07:48

Featuring : Mary Halvorson

Firehouse 12 Records is pleased to announce the release of a special limited edition vinyl version of Bending Bridges, the critically acclaimed album from the Mary Halvorson Quintet. The deluxe 2-LP set will be released on March 26th and is now available for pre-order. It features exquisite audiophile sound and new liner notes by Clifford Allen, and marks the first vinyl release for both Mary Halvorson's flagship ensemble and the Firehouse 12 Records label.

Released on CD and digital download in 2012, Bending Bridges features Mary Halvorson's long-running quintet, with trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson, saxophonist Jon Irabagon, bassist John Hebert and drummer Ches Smith joining the guitarist/composer. Included on dozens of best-of-the-year lists, Bending Bridges lived up to Lloyd Sachs' JazzTimes review as "one of the year's most eagerly anticipated albums...It confirms Halvorson as an artist whose originality as a guitarist is no fiercer than her originality as a writer. Simply put, no one is making music like this."

Bending Bridges is Halvorson's third release as a leader with Firehouse 12 Records, following 2008's Dragon's Head and 2010's Saturn Sings. This body of work demonstrates why Halvorson has been described as "the most future-seeking guitarist working right now" (Lars Gotrich, NPR), "the most original jazz guitarist in a generation" (Michael J. West, Washington City Paper), and "one of today's most formidable bandleaders" (Francis Davis, Village Voice).

The 2-LP set, available in a one-time only 500 copy limited edition run, launches a new initiative from Firehouse 12 Records in response to a growing number of requests from vinyl-only collectors who are devotees of artists on the label's roster. While the label has already been celebrated for the consistent sonic excellence of its recordings, future vinyl releases will embrace classic analog audiophile techniques, cutting lacquer masters directly from 1/2" tape mixes.

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