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George Schuller's Circle Wide
Part of the 2008 Fall Jazz Series
Friday, November 7, 2008
8:30p $15 The on-line box office is closed.
Please call (203) 785-0468 for tickets.
10:00p $10 The on-line box office is closed.
Please call (203) 785-0468 for tickets.
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Brad Shepik
Dave Ambrosio
George Schuller : drums
Jimmy Greene : saxophone
Tom Beckham

Music Samples
02 Common Mama.mp3 [10.64 mb] stream  download

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Here's a band that doesn't play the straightened arrow as much as it teases it. Laying off the usual trappings that make up a typical jazz group, George Schuller's Circle Wide breathes new fire with a cool edge and plenty of daring to "create modern jazz which at times leans towards the left of the musical spectrum yet, in many instances 'swings-hard' and skirts the fringes of post-modern bop." Circle Wide features the front line talents of saxophonist Donny McCaslin and guitarist Brad Shepik, along with vibist Tom Beckham, bassist Dave Ambrosio, and drummer/leader George Schuller.

As with Orange Then Blue and the Schulldogs, Schuller has fashioned another quirky vehicle for his compositions and arrangements, focusing on the challenges of a small group dynamic with fresh takes on the tenor/guitar front line. Formed in 1999, Circle Wide has been combing the downtown NY club terrain for several years only to emerge as a forceful musical entity propelling loose-limbed future bop into the new millenium. In the last several years, Circle Wide has appeared at major festivals in Rochester, NY (2005) and in Braga, Portugal (2008).

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