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Spectral (Rempis, Johnston, Ochs)
Part of the 2015 Spring Jazz Series
Friday, May 22, 2015
8:30p $20 The on-line box office is closed.
Please call (203) 785-0468 for tickets.
10:00p $15 The on-line box office is closed.
Please call (203) 785-0468 for tickets.
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Darren Johnston : trumpet
Dave Rempis : saxophone
Larry Ochs : saxophone

spectral_ochs_collage2.jpg [3.24 mb]

Spectral (aka Rempis-Johnston-Ochs) consists of Chicago saxophonist and producer Dave Rempis, Bay Area trumpet maestro Darren Johnston, and saxophonist Larry Ochs, best known for his work with the groundbreaking Rova Saxophone Quartet. A trio recording was released in the USA in June2014 on the Aerophonic label. Learn more about this horn trio that embraces
sincere musical freedom and tonal exploration:

“Bay Area trumpeter Darren Johnston first visited Chicago in the mid-aughts, quickly establishing ties with local musicians that have yielded recordings, ongoing partnerships, and shared gigs here and in California. But of course he also has enduring alliances back home, including one with tenor and sopranino saxophonist Larry Ochs (ROVA Saxophone Quartet, What We Live, Larry Ochs Sax & Drumming Core). Last year Johnston hosted Chicago saxophonist Dave Rempis at a concert that also included Ochs, and when the three men got onstage together, the chemistry was immediate and incendiary. Horn-only ensembles tend to fall into two categories: either they take a figure-and-ground approach, with one or more players acting as a de facto rhythm section, or they turn into free- for-all blowouts. This trio’s music is like improvised carpentry, making elegant constructions out of each horn’s complete range of sounds, both customary and unexpected.” —Bill Meyer, Chicago Reader

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