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David Berkman Friday, October 6, 2006
8:30p $15 The on-line box office is closed.
Please call (203) 785-0468 for tickets.
10:00p $10 The on-line box office is closed.
Please call (203) 785-0468 for tickets.
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David Berkman
Jimmy Greene : saxophone
Ted Poor : drums
Thomas Morgan : bass

Music Samples
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David Berkman knows that where you start may not be where you finish. He started college at University of Michigan planning to become a fiction writer, and indeed won some prizes for poetry and other writings. At some point, however, he realized that music was calling him, and he transferred to Boston’s Berklee College of Music, thus beginning his commitment to playing and composing jazz for a profession.

Berkman is often singled out among his peers for his memorable compositions. He explains his approach: "When I write, I try just to receive a beginning thought, an idea, as opposed to planning out a certain style of music. I find that the compositions I write this way are more open and have sort of an organic integrity - they are about something on their own terms from start to finish and almost become abstract stories. My interest in literature, words and story lines may influence the shape of my music so that the tunes have a sense of dramatic movement: introduction, early chapters moving to later chapters, that sort of thing. I don't know. But I would say that what I write, at its best, has a kind of weight – an emotional content – that I hope makes the music more compelling. It’s important to me that music be about something."

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