Firehouse 12 • 45 Crown Street • New Haven, CT 06510 • 203.785.0468

NHIC Atlas and Electric NHIC
Part of the 2011 Firehouse 12 Special Concerts
Saturday, December 3, 2011
8:30p $15 The on-line box office is closed.
Please call (203) 785-0468 for tickets.
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Adam Matlock : accordion
Bob Gorry : guitar
Gabriel Kastelle : viola
Jeff Cedrone : guitar
Mike Paolucci : drums
Paul McGuire : alto sax, soprano sax
Pete Brunelli : bass
Pete Riccio : drums
Steve Asetta : saxophone

Music Samples
nhic-atlas_Crosseyed_and_Painful.mp3 [13.31 mb] stream  download

The New Haven Improvisers Collective returns to Firehouse12 to celebrate the release of the new CD, nhic:atlas.

Note: The $15 ticket price gives you admission to both the 8:30pm set and the 10pm set. 2 sets for the price of 1!

8:30pm Set features NHIC Atlas celebrating the new CD. This group is a journey through a varied landscape of music and sound on the edge of Jazz. The expressive instrumentation and thoughtful musicians produce music that can be hauntingly beautiful or downright mean, sometimes simultaneously. Atlas is an open jazz group built with the strength to explore new sonic spaces and informed by a wide breadth of musical history with a special charge from jazz, classical, new art music and echoes of R&B.

Tonight’s NHIC Atlas is Steve Asetta (Saxophones), Pete Brunelli ( Acoustic Bass Guitar), Bob Gorry (Guitar), Gabriel Kastelle (Viola), Adam Matlock (Clarinet/Accordion), Mike Paolucci(Drums/Percussion).

10pm Set features Electric NHIC, An eclectic group with a wide palette of classic and modern sounds and strategies. Plenty of open space for the unexpected to happen and plenty of propulsion to keep the blood flowing. Electric NHIC is Pete Brunelli (Electric Bass, electronics), Jeff Cedrone (Guitar), Bob Gorry (Guitar), Paul McGuire (Soprano & Alto Saxophone), Pete Riccio (Drums/Percussion).

NHIC is a far-reaching collective of creative musicians forming into a particular group to play particular music in a particular moment. NHIC holds monthly workshops, sponsors performances of various ad-hoc combinations of NHIC members and hosts visiting jazz and new music ensembles. A growing number of musicians and composers pass through the group bringing insights and enthusiasm from distant corners of the music world. Monthly open workshops welcome new members, new instruments and new ideas. The annual visit to Firehouse 12 showcases a core of the group, presents new works, and holds a few surprises.

To learn more about NHIC, please visit:

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