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Harriet Tubman Double Trio
Part of the 2011 Fall Jazz Series
Friday, October 14, 2011
8:30p $18 The on-line box office is closed.
Please call (203) 785-0468 for tickets.
10:00p $12 The on-line box office is closed.
Please call (203) 785-0468 for tickets.
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Brandon Ross : 6 string banjo, electric guitar, guitar, vocals
Graham Haynes : cornet, ngoni
JT Lewis : drums
Melvin Gibbs : electric bass
Val Inc. : turntables

Music Samples
01 Ascension (Featuring Harriet Tubman).mp3 [9.34 mb] stream  download

Harriet Tubman003.tif [by michael halsband].tif [2.40 mb]

On Friday, October 14th, the Harriet Tubman Double Trio will celebrate the release of their new album Ascension (SunnySide) in their premiere performance at Firehouse 12. The album documents a performance recorded over ten years ago at The Knitting Factory in New York City in which the trio of guitarist Brandon Ross, bassist Melvin Gibbs, and drummer JT Lewis was augmented by trumpeter Ron Miles and turntablists DJ Logic and DJ Singh. Having languished in the vaults for the intervening years, the recording captures the group using John Coltrane’s landmark 1965 recording Ascension as a jumping-off point into a spontaneous composition that touched on aspects of jazz, rock, funk, soul, and the avant-garde. For this performance the core Harriet Tubman trio will be augmented by cornetist Graham Haynes, and turntablists DJ Logic and Val Inc.

Harriet Tubman’s music ranges “gracefully from tenderness to bombast, confounding ideas about form and structure, and suggesting several musical styles while adhering to none” (Larry Blumenfeld, Wall Street Journal). Critics have called Ascension “fantastic . . . a future classic . . . one that people will be talking about decades from now” (John Garratt, and “like atmospheric metal” (Phil Freeman, Burning Ambulance).

Deeply inspired by the ideals of freedom, Harriet Tubman is named after the heroic African-American slave who risked her life to escape from slavery and helped more than 300 others to do the same. The group was formed in 1998 during a recording session with Ross, Gibbs, and Lewis, and their music plumbs the soul's depths for liberated musical expression. Ross describes their first meeting as “instant composition . . . We didn’t say anything about chords or keys or tunes. We simply hit. It worked” (Blumenfeld). Harriet Tubman's music is a continuation of the process of contextual and musical innovation exhibited by such diverse artists as Ornette Coleman, Jimi Hendrix, Derrick May, the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Parliament-Funkadelic.

Interview with members of Harriet Tubman at Burning Ambulance

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